Traffic Safety - Florida

A Rotary International Project - District 6930

We volunteered our time and talent to promote Traffic Safety in southeast Florida. In the case of Palm Beach County, we met with most of the engineers in the traffic division and presented the BriteSide® project. As a result, the Traffic Division carried out research to identify the most dangerous stop controlled intersections in Palm Beach County where 240 panels were donated to the County. Over 1,000 panels were donated to Counties and Municipalities from Boca Raton to Titusville to Okeechobee. We met with Rotary Club Presidents, Public Safety and Traffic Engineers, Police, Fire-Rescue, School and Elected Officials to explain the project benefits.


As a consultant to the Chicago Department of Transportation, our founder designed the complex data collection effort to validate the transportation model, including training and supervising 30 people responsible for data collection on the field. In addition to the data being collected by people, video cameras were fastened on skyscrapers looking down every intersection and capturing video. The information from the cameras was used to validate the computer model.

Dr. Ortega also setup and ran the micro-simulation traffic model using CORSIM and optimized the project network with Transit 7F. He ran 200+ micro-simulation scenarios to determine the best signal and timing plans that would minimize traffic delay in downtown Chicago and then compared the results with the RT-TRACS model.

Metropolitano - Lima, Peru

As a consultant to The World Bank, our founder Dr. Ortega provided technical Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering assistance to the Peruvian authorities that are in the construction phase of Peru’s first Bus Rapid Transit System. As part of this complicated project that presents potential environmental justice issues, Dr. Ortega used his expertise to provide feedback on the different alternatives considered when designing the system. Lima was the largest city in the world without a mass transit system.