What’s the difference between a Future Land Use Traffic Study and a Site Plan/Rezoning Traffic Study?

Traffic Studies for Future Land Use applications require analysis of Traffic Conditions five and twenty-five years from the day of application. Traffic Studies for Site Plan or Rezoning applications evaluate traffic conditions at the estimated project build-out.

What’s the difference between a Traffic Study and a Traffic Statement?

Traffic Studies are typically done for larger projects when there are no entitlements on the land while Traffic Statements are typically done for smaller projects or for site plan amendments where no additional trips are generated by changes to the proposed uses and intensities.

What’s a Traffic Equivalency?

It is a type of traffic analysis where the existing vested traffic is the same or higher than the proposed uses in the site. A project is typically vested when 80% of the project has been built for more than five years.

What's a project with insignificant impact?

A project is insignificant when the impact to the transportation networks is less than 1% of the adopted level of service on the roads surrounding the project.

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